Our laboratory focuses on:

  1. The biology of cancer metastasis, especially bone metastasis, including the role of the host microenvironment

  2. The mechanisms involved in chemoresistance

Other Programs

University of Michigan Single Cell Spatial Analysis Program

  • Dr. Keller directs The Single Cell Spatial Analysis Program which brings next-generation, cellular, high-content technology to a tissue spatial context. Providing tissue spatial context to cellular transcriptomes, proteins and DNA variations will transform our understanding of complex tissues.

  • With the opportunity for three new expert faculty recruits and strengthened shared resources, this Biosciences-supported initiative will benefit not only the recruits, but also the large number of existing faculty looking to pursue scientific questions that were inaccessible with past technologies. This program is building a collaborative community focused on spatial transcriptomics analysis projects by hosting seminars and workshops, mentoring, referrals and highly leveraged projects for platform development and scientific exploration.

Rogel Cancer Center Single Cell Analysis Shared Resource

  • Dr. Keller is Co-Director of The Rogel Cancer Center Single Cell Analysis Shared Resource. This core provides single cell methodology expertise and services for all investigators at the University of Michigan.